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                                         MON 31ST TO FRI 4TH NOV inclusive MID TERM BREAK

November      Mon 7th                                School Re-opens

                      Wed 1st to 3rd                      Senior Music & Art Trip to London

                       Thursday 10th                                    6yr Year  PTM including Students 4.15 to 6.45

                       Friday 25th                           St. Vincent De Paul, Food Appeals Begins

                      Monday 28th                                              5th Year PTM  4.15 to 6.45            

December       Friday 2nd                            4th Year  Christmas Exams            

                     Monday 5th to Friday 9th       Christmas Exams for all but 4th Years

                     Mon 5th  to Friday 16             4th Year Work Experience

                     Thursday 15th                                           3rd Year PTM  4.15 to 6.45

                     Mon 19th                                Christmas Carol Service 8.00 to 10.00

                     Thursday 22nd                        Student Christmas Carol Service

                                         FRI 23rd TO FRI 6th JAN inclusive  CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS

January 2017      Fri 30th to 6th Jan             Senior Ski Trip to Andorra

                           Mon 9th Jan                      School Re-opens

                            Mon 23rd                          New Entrants Parents Meeting

                           Tues 17th Jan                                  Second Year PTM 4.15-6.45 (Cancelled due to ASTI Action)

                           Sat    28th Jan                  New Entrants Aptitude Test 

February              Feb 1st, 2nd and 6th       Jesus Christ Superstar  Ty Musical

                           Mon 6th & Tue 7th           LC Oral Mock Exams

                           Wed 8th to Fri 17th         JC & LC Mocks

 March                Tue  7th                                           1st Year PTY 4.15 to 6.45

                          Fri  17th                          St. Patrick.s Day School Closed

                          Mon 20th                  School Closed

                          Mon 27th to Fri7th     4th Year Social Placement


                                              MON 10th to FRI 21st Inclusive  EASTER HOLIDAYS

                         Tues 11 April to Fri 14 (Good Friday)              Second Year Barcelona Tour

                         Mon 24th                                                    School Re-opens

                         Possible date of LC Oral (Week after Holidays)

May                   Mon 1st                                                      Bank Holiday

                         Friday 2nd of June     SUMMER HOLIDAYS

We believe that digital technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing learning, and assisting with all forms of communication.  Digital technology has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives in the College and we have enthusiastically embraced the use of technology in our learning. St Paul's have three fully developed computer rooms one of which is dedicated to Technical Graphics. 

Undoubtedly, digital and interactive technologies can bring a new richness of resources to the classroom and to learning and teaching in general.  We aim to embed these technologies across our curriculum to enhance our established educational excellence.  However, we do recognise that the use of digital technology should have relevance in our teaching practice and that it forms part of our holistic approach to quality education.

Over the last few years we have developed our facilities to complement our innovative teaching staff.  Every classroom has a networked computer with access to high speed broadband as well as a fixed projector.  Every department has a visualiser at its disposal and many teachers are using an iPad to support their teaching.  All of our classrooms are equipped with wireless access to high speed broadband to support students who have already received Laptops form the Department of Education to aid their learning. 

The prevalence of digital technology requires us to ensure that our pupils are capable of full participation in this digital world.  In recognition of this, our pupils are encouraged to engage with technology.  All have a Google apps account; have their own network profile to save their work and assignments and have wireless access to the Internet in most areas around the college.  Timetabled Computer Studies classes reinforce their digital literacy while the ICT department can be called upon for help.  

As with learning, digital technology plays a crucial role in all aspects of communication in a school like St Paul's College.  We endeavour to keep parents informed about pupils and events as much as possible through email, our website, Komeer and texting systems.  We are in the process of moving our communications from Text to Komeer (A downloadable App  which is secured and personal to each subscriber.  


Guide to LC Subject Choices

Selecting the right subjects for senior cycle, and the level at which to take them, is a critical task faced by 60,000 second-level students every year. Making the wrong choice at this stage can have unintended consequences in two years’ time - certain paths into college may be blocked by not having the particular subjects required for entry to a chosen course. 

Video: Studying STEM subjects in school and college and their importance for Irish industry. There are good reasons why students tend to have a science subject and a third language in their arsenal and, as you will find out if you read on, there are no “soft” options on the Leaving Cert exam.

Career Choices 
When you are considering which subjects to take for the Leaving Cert, bear in mind that this decision will have long-term consequences on what careers are open to you. A decision to drop all science subjects or continental languages will have major implications on the career choices open, or closed to you later on. The same does not apply to business subjects, as most business courses teach all subjects with the presumption that students know nothing. If a student is making subject choices and has not yet decided what career they wish to follow after school, it is advisable to keep all their options open by taking a science and continental language subject from among their four optional subjects. 


Many colleges require students to hold pass grades in languages for matriculation. These include all NUI colleges, Trinity College Dublin and University of Limerick (UL). These institutions require entrants to hold a pass in English, Irish and a third European language, or English and another language. Dublin City University requires entrants to hold a pass in maths and English or Irish. Students may qualify for an exemption from these requirements if they have a learning difficulty or if they were born outside of the state.

Choose Subjects you Enjoy 

Always pick the subjects you enjoy and are good at. It is much more difficult to do well in a subject you are less interested in. Never choose a subject because your friends are choosing it or because you like the teacher. Picking a subject you enjoy and are naturally good at will decrease the pressure and allow you to excel and reach your full potential. 

The Most Important Piece of Advice 

A pass in ordinary level maths is essential for entry to the majority of courses. The 5,000 students who fail to secure a grade D in ordinary level are in a particularly difficult situation. A further 5,000 students each year now choose foundation level maths, and there is a growing number of colleges and courses that offer places to students who secure a minimum of a grade A or B in maths at this level. Whatever you do over the next two years, don’t neglect your studies in this subject.

St Paul's Events

5:00 pm 01.07.2017 - 6:00 pm 16.07.2017
Closing Date of Changes to CAO



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