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August               Friday 26th                        First Year Induction & Assembly 9.30 t0 12.20

                          Monday 29th                     First Year Classes 8.45 to 12.20

                                                                   Third Year Assembly 9.25, Classes to 12.20

                                                                   Sixth Years 10.05  Assembly, Classes to 12.20

                         Tues 30th                          Fifth Year Assembly 9.25, Classes to 12.20

                                                                  1st, 3rd, 6th Years Classes 8.45 to 12.20

                         Wed 31st                          Second Year Assembly 9.25, Classes to 1.00

                                                                  1st, 3rd 6th Years Classes to 8.45 to 1.00


September     Thurs 1st                           Fourth Year Assembly 9.25, Classes to 3.50

                                                                1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th Years. Normal Classes 8.45 to 3.50

                       Friday 2nd                         Normal Classes for all years  8.45 to 3.50  

                       Wed 14th                          Higher Options Firth Year

                       Thursday 15                     Higher Options Sixth Year

                       Friday 16th & 17th            Bag Pack organised by Parents  Association at Supervalue Killester

                       Mon 19th                          OPEN Evening    The College will open from 6.30 to 8.30pm

                       Mon 26th                          Parents AGM

                       Thurs 29th                        First Year Mass (Posponed)

                       Friday 30th                      School Closed


October           Fri 14th to Sun 16th          U/14 Rugby Trip to Wales


                                         MON 31ST TO FRI 4TH NOV inclusive MID TERM BREAK


November      Mon 7th                          School Re-opens

                      Wed 1st to 3rd                Senior Music & Art Trip to London

                       Thursday 10th               6yr Year  PTM including Students 4.15 to 6.45

                       Friday 25th                    St. Vincent De Paul, Food Appeals Begins

                      Monday 28th                  5th Year PTM  4.15 to 6.45            


December       Friday 2nd                           4th Year  Christmas Exams            

                     Monday 5th to Friday 9th      Christmas Exams for all but 4th Years

                     Mon 5th  to Friday 16            4th Year Work Experience

                     Thursday 15th                       3rd Year PTM  4.15 to 6.45

                     Mon 19th                               Christmas Carol Service 8.00 to 10.00

                     Thursday 22nd                      Student Christmas Carol Service


                                         FRI 23rd TO FRI 6th JAN inclusive  CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS

January 2017      Fri 30th to 6th Jan        Senior Ski Trip to Andorra

                           Mon 9th Jan                  School Re-opens

                            Mon 23rd                      New Entrants Parents Meeting

                           Tues 17th Jan               Second Year PTM 4.15-6.45 (Deferred due to ASTI Action)

                           Sat    28th Jan               New Entrants Aptitude Test 

February              Feb 1st, 2nd and 6th   Jesus Christ Superstar  Ty Musical

                           Mon 6th & Tue 7th        LC Oral Mock Exams

                           Wed 8th to Fri 17th       JC & LC Mocks


                                                 MON 20th to FRI 24th Inclusive      MID TERM BREAK


 March               Tue  7th                       1st Year PTM  1.20 to 3.50

                          Thursday 16th            Charity Concert

                          Fri  17th                      St. Patrick.s Day School Closed

                          Mon 20th                    School Closed

                          Mon 27th to Fri7th     4th Year Social Placement


                                              MON 10th to FRI 21st Inclusive  EASTER HOLIDAYS

                         Tues 11 April to Fri 14 (Good Friday)              Second Year Barcelona Tour

                         Mon 24th                                                         School Re-opens

                         Possible date of LC Oral (Week after Holidays)

May                   Mon 1st     May                                                 Bank Holiday

                          May 10/11                     Charity Cycle to Glendalough

                         May 29 Monday to Friday 2 June  (In House Exams

                         Friday 2nd of June     SUMMER HOLIDAYS

June                  Wed 7th                                                     Beginning of LC and JC



St Paul's Events

5:00 pm 01.07.2017 - 6:00 pm 16.07.2017
Closing Date of Changes to CAO



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